‘Hoverboard’ Scooters – Illegal in the UK

You “Hoverboarders” out there in the UK, and by that we mean riders of the two wheeled self-balancing mini Segway scooter thingies, have been told that is it illegal to ride them in public.

Technically speaking, according to the UK law, these scooters are identified as “motor vehicles” -meaning that they are subjected to proper traffic laws. To ride the scooter legally, “Hoverboarders” must register their scooters before they can be publically used. However it is practically impossible to make them street-legal as they do not meet the UK law for road-use. So unless you’re going to strap a seatbelt; stick on a numberplate; and take it for an MOT every year, they will be remaining illegal.

Let’s not forget that time Usain Bolt was knocked off his feet by a Segway cameraman after winning gold at the World Athletics Championships, which probably doesn’t help.

Source: BBC