LEAKED: PS4 Slim Console and Box Images

It looks like images of the PS4 Slim have been leaked! They look pretty legit, and we’ve been expecting a slim version of the PlayStation 4 console to be revealed along with the PS4 Neo console in the near future so this looks promising! (images below)

This console has appeared on a for sale ad which includes detailed images of a sealed box which looks exactly how we’d imagine it to be, with very similar styling to the standard PS4 box. More images of the ‘PS4 Slim’ shown next to a standard PS4 console for comparison have also been leaked and it appears to be considerably smaller, with a few significant design changes :

  • Smaller and slimmer dimensions
  • Rounded edges
  • Matt finish
  • Moved physical buttons for power and disc eject
  • No light strip
  • Moved USB ports

PS4 Slim Images

We’re quite convinced by these leaks but we cannot know for sure until we hear word from Sony themselves. From what we’ve seen, an official reveal of the PS4 slim could well be imminent…

Source : Neogaf  , Gumtree