Let’s look at all of the limited edition PS4 consoles

The PS4 is already a pretty spectacular looking console. A complete powerhouse packed into something that looks wedged plank sliced through the middle. It’s just beautiful. But what if you wanted a console that’s a bit more glamorous. Well, you are in luck, the PS4 is bestowed with the limited edition madness that will makes our wallets tremble. There are tons of versions available but which one shall we choose? Let’s go through them all so we can compare them.

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Taco Bell Edition


Taco Bell is offering this crazy looking PS4 in the US only, and nowhere else. PS4 fans will be able to have the chance to win a Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 Bundle. Starting September 24th, purchase any PS4 branded Big Box, and receive a unique code for your chance to win. The limited edition prize bundle includes a Gold PS4 system, one gold DualShock 4, a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and a voucher for one year of PlayStation Plus. Only 6,000 Limited Edition Gold PS4 Bundles are available.

Black Ops 3 Edition


Featuring a fully customised PS4 and DualShock 4 inspired by the world of Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It has a ember orange logo on a Jet Black chassis, complete with coloured power and eject buttons, as well as three emblems on the front each representing a game mode The DualShock 4 included has a grey and orange colour scheme, along with the III logo on the right grip. The console launches November 6 alongside the game.

Star Wars Battlefront Edition

The Star Wars Battlefront console sports an epic Darth Vader design as well as a custom DualShock 4 controller inspired by Darth Vader’s chest panel. The console features a 1TB HDD and launches November 17 in the US and November 19 in the UK alongside the game.

Destiny: Taken King Edition

On the Taken King edition PS4, the top/right side of the console is imprinted with Destiny’s map of the cosmos in Gray and the Guardian seal in gold. The controller is a standard white controller with no additional prints, which is a real shame because the console is just beautiful.

Metal Solid Solid V: Phantom Pain Edition

This limited edition console is inspired by series protagonist Snake’s bionic arm. The console looks gorgeous with its red finish on the top half and the black on the bottom. The front buttons are gold which are complimented by a gold stripe running through the edge of the HDD cover.

However, this PS4 comes with some extra personality of its own. Where it should say “do not use Molybdenum lubrication,” the manufacturer has misspelled the element “molybdeum.” Oops.

Arkham Knight Edition

Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition PS4 Bundle includes a steel-grey PS4 console with a custom Batman faceplate, a matching DualShock 4 controller, and of course the game itself, the exciting conclusion to Rocksteady’s beloved Arkham trilogy.

20th Anniversary Edition

Sony announced the PS4 20th anniversary console to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PS1 since its launch in Japan. This limited edition PS4 is obscenely rare with only 12300 made world wide. The colour scheme reminiscent of the PS1 which features repeating etching of the four PlayStation button symbols around the console and on the controllers touch pad. The PlayStation logo on both the console and controller features the classic coloured PS logo. There is also an aluminium badge in the corner that denotes the 20th Anniversary title, as well as the specific number for each console. Quite surprisingly the console came bundled with a matching camera and stand. Unfortunately this console was sold out immediately and you may end up paying a hefty price if you want to bag on of these.

Metal Slime Edition

This edition was inspired by the mascot from Dragon Quest Heroes. The PS4 is decked out with silver and contains the cute Slime mascot imprinted on both the console and the DualShock 4, there’s also ultra-cute metal slime dripping over the edge of the console. This console was only available to buy in Japan.

There are also many other limited edition PS4 where only the HDD cover has an art style and everything else is untouched. These are pictured below: