Nintendo NX – Rumours & Release Date?

The Nintendo NX console has been circulating rumours in the world of gaming for a while now, however Nintendo is yet to give their new console an official reveal. Nintendo has shared information about the direction their new console is heading in but has kept the technical details hidden. In spite of that, there are still a few rumours and speculations going around. Let’s see what we have gathered so far shall we?

According to PCAdvisor, the Nintendo NX has been described as a completely new concept and design that may be able to compete with PS4 and Xbox One, which the Wii U failed to do. Some speculate that the design and features will just be enhanced from the Wii U instead of a completely new concept but will that suffice for Nintendo to keep up with Sony and Microsoft? I think not. Nintendo claims that they are trying something new and that doing the same as others will “wear them out”.

The processor is supposedly going to be an AMD x86 APU which is ironically the same processor type we see in the PS4 and Xbox One. According to Crossmap’s article, AMD may have even hinted at a release date for new console with their hardware by saying that they are at work on a “next-generation console scheduled to be released in 2016.”

PCAdvisor states that two games are confirmed for the Nintendo NX which includes Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI by Square Enix. Dragon Quest XI is expecting a mid-2016 release date, maybe just in time for the launch of Nintendo NX? It sounds promising!

We hope to hear more about the Nintendo NX soon and see an official reveal soon. Keep posted here for updates!

In the meantime, watch this video for an overview of more Nintendo NX rumours and information.



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