How to see and delete your data from Google.

If you often use Google’s voice control features such as “OK Google” then you should be made aware that Google actually stores the voice recording online. And even if you are aware of this, it can come as a shock to be confronted with all the voice recordings, and how much of it can be stored.

The page which holds all your data, which associated to your email address, is Google’s Voice and Audio activities page (click link). So if you have, or have had in the past, an Android phone with “OK Google”, the page will show a list of every command that you have given to it. But not only this, this history page also stores Web and App activity, Device Information, Location History, YouTube Watch History and YouTube Search History. Scary.

But it is not to say that Google does not have good reasoning for storing this information. For example, if you use “OK Google”, you’ve benefited from the fact that it stores your voice, allowing it to improve voice recognition by learning from this stored data. However if you are using these services, you already agreed for this data to be stored – at some point. One way of avoiding storing voice data and being identified is by turning voice activity off. You can still use “OK Google” but the recording is kept anonymously. The only other option is – Don’t use “OK Google”.

Source: The Guardian


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