Video Shows New PS4 Slim Dualshock 4 Controller – Hands On

Update: 2:30pm August 23rd 2016 - Video now removed by YouTube.

A new video shows the new PS4 Slim official DualShock 4 controller with a light bar on the touch pad. It appears that the LED light from the light bar is passing through the touch pad, so no additional LED is required. DualShock 4 is notorious for having poor battery life but this new touch pad design should not shorted it further. No details have emerged about the battery capacity but fans are hoping for something with a bit more juice. There also subtle changes to the finish of the controller, the area surrounding the front facing buttons has a fully matte finish. The shoulder buttons front buttons and analogue sticks appear to be grey rather than black.

Video (Now Removed):

If you haven't seen the leaked images of the new PS4 Slim console already, here they are - PS4 Slim Leaked Images

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Source: ZRZ


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