PlayStation Plus Games List – December 2015


It is that time of the month again! We have December's list of games available to download at no extra cost for PlayStation Plus members - exciting! Hopefully this will keep us gamers entertained while we wait for Christmas day...

Here are the games that will be available to download this month from the PlayStation Store:

     • Gaunlet: Slayer Edition (PS4)

     • King's Quest - Chapter 1 : A Knight to Remember (PS4)

     • Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (PS3)

     • SSX (PS3)

     • Rocketbirds Hardboilded (PS Vita)

     • Freedom Wars (PS Vita)

There doesn't seem to be any cross-platform games this month but I should think that SSX and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon for PS3 can make up for that!

Is this a good PS Plus games line up? Or were you expecting more? Let us know!


Merry Christmas Gamers!

Source: PlayStation Blog


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