PlayStation VR – Hands On Experience at EGX

At EGX 2015, PlayStation gave gamers a chance to try out their new PlayStation VR accessory for the PlayStation 4. They had set up the system in booths with different games which required preregistration in order to get a chance to play. We were able to experience a fantastic horror game called Kitchen as a tech demo for PlayStation VR.



The PlayStation VR headset has a great futuristic design which looked very cool in person. It seems to be well built and has an easily adjustable headband to ensure that it is comfortable for all users. It took a little while to adjust to it but once you find the sweet spot, it is quite comfortable. One main advantage with the PlayStation VR headset was that you can keep your glasses on when you wear the device (unlike Oculus Rift) which was really convenient as it meant the device was not attached right up to your face!

Experience (Spoilers!)

Once the PS VR headset and headphones are on, you can dive straight in to being indulged in the wonders of virtual reality! The Kitchen horror game was one of most talked about since it made people fall off their chairs in the PlayStation VR booths. It consisted of sitting on a chair with your hands tied to each other so it did not have much interaction. The slow start of the demo gave time to soak in the technology and appreciate the awesome 3D Virtual Reality effect for a while. The screen is fairly decent and looked clear provided that the headset is adjusted properly; however it was still possible to make out the pixels on the screens without much trouble.



One of the greatest parts of the Kitchen VR experience was the fact that your hands are tied whilst you are holding the DualShock 4 controller. When you look down at your hands in the game it almost feels like they are actually tied because you need to hold the controller with 2 hands. The DualShock 4’s gyroscope allowed the movement of your hands to be replicated quite well within the game too, but your attention is quickly taken away from that when the ‘dead’ man’s body on the floor of the kitchen gets up and comes towards you. He attempts to cut the ties on your hands with a kitchen knife! This was a good way to give you an idea of how well PlayStation VR deals with depth. After seeing a horrible bloody creature jump out and severe the dead man’s head off along with a few more jump scares, you’d be lucky to still be sitting on the chair in the real world.

Either way, playing Kitchen on PlayStation VR was a fantastic experience; I would urge you to give it a try if you get a chance!



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