PS4 Survey Suggests New Features for Firmware 4.0

A survey has been sent out to some PS4 owners which may have teased some of the new features we might see in upcoming PS4 firmware updates.

The survey asked questions such as “Which of the below do you think are the most important features that should be added?” and gave a list of 14 features to choose from including “Change PSN ID”, “Custom Backgrounds” and “Appear Offline Mode”. See the image below to see the full list of features shown in the survey (posted by Saint Of Killers on Neogaf).



The survey also asked when you would expect the next PS4 Firmware 4.0 to be released with options ranging from before the end of 2015 to 2017 or later. One thing is for sure, nobody wants to wait until 2017 or later for the next PS4 firmware update!

in the survey (posted by Saint Of Killers on Neogaf).



What features would you want to see most in the next PS4 firmware updates? Let us know!

Source: Gamepur


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