Rocket League Cars Are Different PROOF! [VIDEO]

There is a lot of talk recently about whether Rocket League cars are different, with some people claiming that all cars are exactly the same, it’s all in your head, whilst others attempting to prove otherwise. Some differences can be seen, such as Merc being able to do one shot goals easier than the rest and claims of different hitboxes, but this is still debatable. Finally we can say we have solid proof that car choice makes a difference in Rocket League, and this involves comparison between vehicle cornering speeds.

The video above shows stats comparison between a few of the cars available in the game – not including any DLC cars. The test involves hard right and full throttle circles using different cars and see which cars lap the fastest. It is pretty obvious after watching this that there is a significant difference between the ‘slowest’ and ‘fastest’ cars when cornering. It has been determined that all cars have the same top speed in a straight line both with and without boost, however the cornering speeds clearly differ. Below is the list of cars (not including DLC) and in order of their cornering speeds.