Rocket League DeLorean is here! [VIDEO & PICS]

Back To The Future and Rocket League fans are loving the new DLC which the guys at Psyonix released for Back To The Future Day (October 21st 2015). The Back To The Future Car Pack comes with the iconic DeLorean with all the features and sound effects. It is available now for $2 (£1.69) from PlayStation Store and it is definitely worth the money, just check out the video and screenshots below!

Delorean Time Machine in game features:

  • Engine start-up sound.
  • Iconic Time Machine whine sound.
  • Fold down wheels, with jet propulsion graphic.
  • Blue Electric streaks across the car at high speed (88mph).
  • Tire fire trail as Rocket Trail.
  • Date Entry console failure sound (from the movie) for no boost sound.
  • Very accurate and detailed model, including under body, ‘OUTATIME’ numerplate and steel brushed affect.
  • Functioning rear rockets.
  • Light up front and rear lights with light up exterior wiring.