Is The Race Finally Over?

With many of the tech giants such as Snapchat, Facebook, Apple going head to head to bring you the latest coverage on your phone and while it is normal to see each of them in the lead, they would eventually get taken over…

That is until Google finally decides the break the repetitive wheel and gains the momentum it needs to overtake the other corporates. Just 7 hours ago Google has announced a tool that will reveal how fast stories will load after a Google search. This type of technology isn’t exactly cutting edge as other tech giants are achieving this in their own ways; for example Snapchat delivers this with “stories” that are sent to the user every 24 hours and will be gone the same day. However, bear in mind that some are app exclusive.

Currently, news are being sourced from several publishers at once as well as being loaded faster without consumer effort which is a big advantage as it is likely to attract readers and this becomes more preferable than News specific apps.

Although this isn’t particularly useful if you do not have access to an Internet connection, there are some publisher apps that do update and save these stories throughout the day allowing you to read them when offline. Additionally, Google’s new tool boasts an offline mode publish feature.


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